Jewelry & Apparel

Our jewelry is all made by hand and with creativity we try to offer a wide range of styles to suit both variety of budgets and taste. All of our apparel is scripture and self loving based.Our most popular pieces of jewelry and apparel are shown below. Please call or email for ordering and more information  jewelry, current promotions and custom options.
No Habla Short sleeve Tee
Short sleeved No Habla Bullshit woman's shirt
Price: $20.00
No Habla Sleeveless Tee
Sleeveless No Habla Bullshit woman's shirt
Price: $15.00
Melanated Love Shirt
Long sleeve Melanated Love woman's shirt.
Price: $25.00
Sleeveless Melanated Love Tee
Sleeveless Melanated Love woman's tee shirt
Price: $15.00
EboNiki Clutches
small purse/pouch hanging easily and comfortably on a bangle.
Price: $25.00
URBAN (blue jean earrings)URBAN (brown corduroy earrings)METALLIC CLIMB  (silver gold earrings)METALLIC CLIMB (burn't red earrings)
WOODEN ACCENTS (earrings)WOODEN ACCENTS (earrings)WOODEN ACCENTS ( army short earrings)60's chic (earrings)
STRIP (black, sky blue, embroidered bronze bracelets)LEATHER PETAL (earrings)KERMIT GREEN (bracelet)RED LOVE (bracelet)
RED LOVE (bracelet)MEDIEVAL RED (bracelet)MEDIEVAL RED (bracelet)BALL N' CHAIN (bracelet)
BALL IN' CHAIN (bracelet)LEAF DROP (earrings)RED TEAR (earrings)RED TEAR (earrings)
FLOWER SPROUT (earrings)PEBBLE ROCKS (bracelet)PEBBLE ROCKS (bracelet)LEATHER PETAL (earrings)
BLACK ROCK (earrings)BLACK ROCK (necklace)ROCK PEARLS (necklace)RED MESH (earrings)
WHITE CHANDELIER (earrings)WHITE CHANDELIERS (earrings)LAKE GREEN (earrings and necklace set)DREAM CATCHER (earrings)
CIRCLE ROCK (necklace)FREE YA (earrings)ANTIQUE (earrings)DISCO (bracelet)
DISCO (earrings)LIME STONES (earrings)LIME STONE (necklace)FREE YA  (purple earrings)
FREE YA (purple earrings)FIRESTARTER (earring and necklace set).
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